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Nov 11 2010

Today, in Studio: Conversation

Lecturer : Okay, let’s have a very casual class. Let’s chit chat, about architecture, your future, what you wanna do and such.

I first showed my final progress and then we browsed an architecture book on Imaginative Cities.

Me : Are you trying to kill us or let us kill ourselves?

Lecturer : A bit of both. haha.

Tutor : Haiya, architecture, normal laa…

Me : But it’s such a terrible way to live!

Tutor & Lecturer : HAHAH!

Me : Hmm.. I feel like… I don’t know what I’m doing here anymore. *chuckles*

Lecturer : Why did you take architecture in the first place?

Me : I don’t know. or I can’t remember. ย I kinda jump from one thing to another.ย How do you keep your passion in architecture alive?

Tutor : Why do you think I’m here?

(Note: The tutor is a part-timer. He’s an .AR architect)

Me : Oh?

Tutor : I’m here to remind myself about the… what do you call? Like the flare, the passion in architecture. Sometimes it can be a bit boring. But sometimes you can get very excited and inspired. We have very interesting projects going on at the moment. You can get so demotivated when there’re so many problems come and your final result is not what you expected it to be. But when you’ve done a great job, your clients are happy, then you’ll be so eager to start on another project.

Me : Really? Hmm.. I’m worried how I’m going to keep up my interest in architecture. I have very short span of interests. I find an interest and move on to another interest.

Lecturer : oh, that’s great!

Me : What? Seriously?

Tutor : Yeah! Because, you can’t do just architecture and nothing else. Because like I said, there are times when it can get boring, so you have to have some kind of interest that somehow able to inspire you in doing you work, whatsoever. Plus, it actually helps if you have other art related interests.

Lecturer : So, what was your interest?

Me : Oh, I’ve explored illustration, web design, photography a lil’ bit but not that much. Then, traditional art. Like painting, and drawing. and-

Lecturer : And currently?


Lecturer : Sewing? Hahahah! How did you get into that?

Me : I don’t know, I’ve always liked garment construction. So why not now, right? I made this dress *points to the dress I was wearing* and some other dresses I’ve worn to classes.

Lecturer : Really? Wow.

Me : Yeah

Tutor : So, how does architecture and sewing relate?

Me : First of all, both involve a process of design. I guess. Probably, this semester break I can explore a more architectural garment construction? Like with somekind of structure?Just for the fun of it. *laughs* Even Zaha Hadid is becoming a fashion designer these days. hahaha.

Tutor : yeah, when you are an architect, you can actually do a lot of things. You can do from animation to a developer. You can even become an artist or a sculptor! But architects are simply designers. They never actually build something. We are not builders. We designย something, and hand it to the engineer. We can even become like a lawyer (debaters)! laughs* Because engineers and architects are taught differently. Architects are optimists. We always think that anything is possible. Engineers are not. They are trained to calculate the failures. They have to find out at which point this structure will fail and so on. That’s why architects and engineers can’t be in the same room. *laughs*

So.. yeah. There are actually more but these are the things they said that actually helps to atleast inspire me enough to finish off my diploma.

Architecture is awesome but does suck, too. but if you’re into it, you’ll love it, ย despite looking and talking like a zombie at the end of semester. That’s what I tell the small kids who want to get into architecture. haha.


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