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Jun 10 2012

Top 10 To-Eat List

I never liked booking flight tickets. For some reason it terrifies me, as I know how clumsy I am, and I might end up booking the wrong ticket or key in the wrong passport number. Something like that. Anyway, my beloved dad let me come home for winter! SWEET!  *insert dance moves here*

Unfortunately my dad didn’t bother to book the tickets for me, I had to do it myself *cries* but it was all good, thankfully.  So once I got the tickets, I wanted to surprise Eddie. So I texted him, “You HAVE to skype with me tonight. It will be our best, yet. I promise!”. He went home early that night, and of course, my dad had to spoil it for me.Way to go dad! My mum gets it and she didn’t say a thing, but my dad… Man, he has no clue. hahah! I love my daddy. 😀

Anyhow, I wanted to have one full day in Melbourne after my exam which ends on  June 15th, so I booked June 16th flight. So, all good. Until I realized the departure time is 00:45 and then it hit me. I don’t get a day after my exam, it’s the night after my exam! yeah, I just want to slap my own face. Felt the ultimate bimbo moment at that time. HAhah! So, I may or may not be able to get some gifts for my family and friends because I have a lot of studying to do. =/

Anyway, here’s a list, of the things I want to eat, and I don’t want to miss out on any of it! The list is endless, but here’s the top 10.

1. Mum’s nasi lemak

2. Mum’s nasi arab

3. Mum’s kambing kuzi & roti jala. Yumms

4. Mum’s lamb chop

5. Mum’s nasi kerabu

6. Burger King

7. Paper Tosai (Am I spelling it right?)

8. Quesadillas

9. Nasi briyani

10. My youngest sister

I’m fasting now, and I’m salivating as I typed the list. I’m so excited to go home, I’ve packed halfway, and I have the image of home in my head everytime I go to bed, and the things I’d do  as soon as I land. That is to hug my sister, my parents and of course my husband without intention to let go. hahah! Beware, my dear  family. Beware.

p.s, I can foresee myself gaining 5kg in 3 weeks, but it will all be worth it.

p.p.s, I should pack my jogging shoes as well. :s


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