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Jun 10 2012

Top 10 To-Eat List

I never liked booking flight tickets. For some reason it terrifies me, as I know how clumsy I am, and I might end up booking the wrong ticket or key in the wrong passport number. Something like that. Anyway, my beloved dad let me come home for winter! SWEET!  *insert dance moves here*

Unfortunately my dad didn’t bother to book the tickets for me, I had to do it myself *cries* but it was all good, thankfully.  So once I got the tickets, I wanted to surprise Eddie. So I texted him, “You HAVE to skype with me tonight. It will be our best, yet. I promise!”. He went home early that night, and of course, my dad had to spoil it for me.Way to go dad! My mum gets it and she didn’t say a thing, but my dad… Man, he has no clue. hahah! I love my daddy. 😀

Anyhow, I wanted to have one full day in Melbourne after my exam which ends on  June 15th, so I booked June 16th flight. So, all good. Until I realized the departure time is 00:45 and then it hit me. I don’t get a day after my exam, it’s the night after my exam! yeah, I just want to slap my own face. Felt the ultimate bimbo moment at that time. HAhah! So, I may or may not be able to get some gifts for my family and friends because I have a lot of studying to do. =/

Anyway, here’s a list, of the things I want to eat, and I don’t want to miss out on any of it! The list is endless, but here’s the top 10.

1. Mum’s nasi lemak

2. Mum’s nasi arab

3. Mum’s kambing kuzi & roti jala. Yumms

4. Mum’s lamb chop

5. Mum’s nasi kerabu

6. Burger King

7. Paper Tosai (Am I spelling it right?)

8. Quesadillas

9. Nasi briyani

10. My youngest sister

I’m fasting now, and I’m salivating as I typed the list. I’m so excited to go home, I’ve packed halfway, and I have the image of home in my head everytime I go to bed, and the things I’d do  as soon as I land. That is to hug my sister, my parents and of course my husband without intention to let go. hahah! Beware, my dear  family. Beware.

p.s, I can foresee myself gaining 5kg in 3 weeks, but it will all be worth it.

p.p.s, I should pack my jogging shoes as well. :s


  • alaaaa… baru excited tgk tajuk post nie tadi.. rupa2nya smue mak ko masak.. aku baru jer balik tanah air, memang dalam mode jalan2 cari makan haha.. btw kim salam kat no.10 tue… kbai!

  • #untungla mak pandai masak nasi arab. mesti sedap! 😀

  • #ehsamalah hahahaha (gelak kan diri sendiri)

    sebab sy sendiri pernah alami situasi tu. tersalah booking tiket flight, terbeli yang 8AM punya, bukan 8PM. nak taknak had to take a day off from work. aiyooo! Dua kali dah jadi mcm ni.

    Now, serik gila nak beli tiket flight sendiri. Mesti tengok details 40ribukali baru berani tekan submit.

    p/s: masakan ibu memang terbaik! good luck for your exam 😉


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