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Dec 20 2013

Unimom Mezzo breastpump review

I don’t always take the time to review something. This post is long due. Caring for a baby is a lot of work. Who knew something so tiny could take up so much of your time! If I knew, I would just get a hamster.

Just kidding.

Anyway, prior to Sara’s arrival, I did not get a pump because I’m currently SAHM and I thought I did not need it.  Little did I know that on the fourth night after Sara’s arrival, my breasts became so engorged. I tried to hand express with help from youtube (haha) but I still could’t get anything out. Perhaps my milk duct was clogged. Then I was desperate for a breast pump. It was nine o’clock at night and all nearby baby stores were closed.

Eddie was all ready to buy Medela manual pump. But I thought RM199 is a lil’ steep, what more to buy something out of desperation. So I started to ask around for a cheaper alternative. Eddie made some reasearch that night and he found Unimom Mezzo. I found out that it’s recommended by lactation consultant at Susuibu.com and it’s only RM100. I gave the thumbs up and the next morning, Eddie immediately went to OneBabyWorld Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

About two hours later, I got my pump.

On first impression, I thought it was so pretty. The packaging, the pump itself, and it’s pink! Major plus. Hahah.


(sorry, no picture of my own because I always forget to take a picture of the pump before I use it! *slapface*)

I happily unboxed the packaging and started reading the manual. Eddie  then washed and sterilized the parts and I began my first pump. Within 6 minutes, I was done pumping for one breast and about less than 15 minutes total. At first it felt awkward but it certainly did not hurt, if not comfortable. My engorgement was relieved and I was happy.

After some time, I got used to it, and it’s becoming less awkward and more comfortable. I’ve had multiple let downs with this one.

So far, the performance is great. The ergonomic, long handle makes it easy to pump. However, I find it rather tiring to pump with one hand after a few minutes. It’s a lot easier to pump with two hands. I guess that’s the only downside. Anyway, I rarely find myself needing to pump more than 10 minutes on each breast. Perhaps I’m lazy. If you pump occasionally (around 2 times a day) this shouldn’t be a big problem. Personally, if you pump 3 times or more a day, then I suggest better get electric pump.


The maintenance is so easy. There are no small parts to deal with. It’s so easy to wash and assemble. After sterilizing, I just hang the parts on the rack to dry. This Treenie drying rack was sent by Babywinks.com.my. Thanks Babywinks!


Value for money: definitely worth it. It’s so affordable yet high quality. I’m happy to see for once, it’s not made in China. It’s a Korean brand and made in Korea.

Now, after a month and a half using it, I have to say I am one happy Unimom user. If you’re looking for a manual pump, I highly recommend this one. Honestly I did not expect to get so much milk out of a manual pump. but with this one, I’m able to express so much milk. When I need to pump more frequently later in the future, I would totally get the Unimom electric pump, I just have so much trust with this brand now!



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