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Jan 23 2011

Wall Climbing, First Week of College and Blogging. PHEW!


aah, meant to blog about this exactly 83 years ago, but things got in the way, bla bla bla. So, story short (as always harharhar) my darling Eddie and I decided to joined this extremetwtup organized by lovely Aini. It was a wall climbing activity, the first time I ever had. Well, I actually had the idea of wall climbing long ago but I had no support from my mum because she said it’s a ‘vulgar’ sports (because of that supporting ‘brief’ that highlights your crotch haha) and Eddie said it’s a tough sports. I wanted to try it anyway.

So, I did. And I managed to conquer 3 walls out of 4. Not bad for a first timer, huh? Thanks to my heavy ass, I didn’t manage to conquer that one wall. but I shall be back to try again! Eddie did well too considering his body weight and according to him, his age. But I beg to differ. 27 is not that old. *denials*




checking out Aini's ass?


That's Aini the champ!

eddie and I

we coincidentally wore blue! made us look like a duo sports team hahah


click to enlarge

It was really fun and I’d definitely climb again. Much thanks to Aini, it was awesome, girl! I made new friends, which was great but sorry if I was being annoying hahaha.

List of people who came on that day (or some of them) stolen from  Aini aka Sickchild72’s blog post hahaha

sickchild72 – @sickchild72 ( organizer )

zelo55 – @zelo55
Noktah Hitam – @noktahhitam
Aisyah Rozi – @aisyahrozi
Lyla – @ilarockprincess
Faiz – @sejuk
Azrul Hisham – @azrul_hisham
Akmal Hilmi – @akmalhilmi
Tia – @tiafazunia
Api – @aqu_api
Andy Sahlam – @andyhowtt
Hafiz – @apissepet
Atikah Kadir – @tteeki
aman firdaus – @amanfirdaus
ajid/boy – @ajid87
khairil afzal – @khairilafzal
wani yummy

Again, thanks so much Sickchild72!

oh, not to mention, thanks Eddie for doing it for me. Much love.

First week of college!

After the awesome climbing, came the not awaited, dreaded college. We have a 9am to 6pm class and a Friday class which is rare. Based on previous experience, Friday classes were often skipped and ‘forgotten’. hahaha

Architecture History
Thankfully we got a very organized, passionate and fun lecturer. I’m foreseeing a better grade in history this time. If studio doesn’t get in the way like last semester.

Project Management
It is most agonizingly boring to be in the class. and I’m not even exaggerating! The subject is already boring, AND we got a super boring lecturer  who READS FROM A TEXTBOOK AND MADE US READ THE PASSAGES OUT LOUD WTF. To make it worse, it was a lecture theatre hall and the integrated table and chair are not comfortable to sleep on.

Architecture Studio 3
Studio. The most exciting  yet stressful subject. I don’t know how this semester’s studio gonna turnout but I hope I’ll do a lot better than last semester. We got a pretty strict lecturer so I hope that’ll make me show some progress every week, unlike last semester where I lost my way and didn’t show my progress. Not sure about our AR tutor tho, hope he’s good.

Working Drawings
Umm… let’s hope I can manage this one. hahah.

Taylor’s University
So much new stuffs going on. The new cafe is like food courts in the mall. They even opened an Apple store with 10% student discount. There’s my favourite ice blended with Passionfruit yogurt ice blended. haha. So much places I can spend my money on. Not good.

Hmm speaking of which, I haven’t registered my subjects. -_____-”

Blogging stuffs

So I finally renewed my hosting and domain. It felt refreshing. Haven’t paid for my own hosting for two years now. It’s been almost 2 years since my very first post here (which was deleted of course) and isn’t that just so nostalgic? I used to get a lot of commenters but I lost my readers when I deleted all my entries and turned a new page about blogging.

My posts became more modest, less of those goofy farts stuffs and became a boring adult. In posts of course. In person I’m still the same annoying goofy HA-HA me but slightly grown up I hope. and ever since I announced that I already have a lover, I lost 50% of my readers! hahaha. Ok, I’m just exaggerating the 50% but you get the point.

This time I didn’t ask for any sponsor because I actually remember to set aside the money for the hosting. But if you wish to sponsor me, why not? HAHAH just kidding (you may email me if you want to) no, I’m just kidding.

I hope I can come up with a new theme for this blog very soon. I think I can puke looking at this blog theme. So boring. *yawning like a hippo*

Until next time! Loves xx

p.s, aaah accidentally turned off commenting. smart, hey? smart…


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