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Jan 26 2010

wax and blood.

Our first assignment for Design Studio 1 is to design a pencil case using either  wood, metal, foam, rubber or wax. We didn’t get to choose the material on our own but we could always exchange it with other people. I initially wanted to do metal but changed my mind to accepting anything I get just for the thrill of not knowing and I got wax. and at that time, I had no idea what I could do with wax. It didn’t even cross my mind that candle is wax. hahah.

So anyways, this is the first stage of design process, to explore the possibilities of the material. We are not supposed to make anything yet, not supposed to make it beautiful, or represent anything at all, but to experiment and stretch the potential of wax.

Experiment 1: Casted in random metal shapes and stuck the abstract pieces together.



Experiment 2: Casted in handmade aluminum foil casing and experimented with water to create voids in the wax.



Experiment 3: using modelling wax



Not only I suck terribly at modelling, but due to the type of wax that is very soft and does not harden, made this one a total failure. I left the wax in the car, and when I brought it to class, it became shit. I mean, literally look like shit, except it’s red. ahahahah. Funny red shit.

So, in the end, I’m glad with my exploration, so did my lecturer. According to her, I did the best exploration compared to the rest so, YEAY for that. I’m so kiasu! ahahah. Hmm, some of the students wanted to go too far, they come up with concepts and shit, and failed to do more on exploration. Some did really well too.

Hopefully I can survive this semester. It’s only week two and I haven’t even start cutting yet and look what happened.



Picture taken about 1-2 mins after the accident. To those who are afraid of blood, heh too bad for you! ahahah. It was almost midnight and my mum saw it, she got so freaked out she couldn’t even get near me. hahah. Took freaking about 10- 15 mins (which felt like forever) for the wound to stop bleeding, and that tissue was then fully soaked in blood by the time the bleeding stopped. Oh yeah, a scalpel did this to me. Don’t ask me how it happened, pretty stupid.


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