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Apr 05 2013

what did I do to deserve this?

Something unexpected happened; my blog was hacked! wtf. As if I said something to offend someone, pfft. Apparently, they are some indonesian hackers, ugh so annoying! Seriously, what did I do in the past to deserve this?

It started two days ago, but my hosting provider was able to recover my blog within a few hours. So, that was good. Then, today, it happened again, of course with the same hacker. Ok, now I’m frustrated. Like this:


Then I contacted my provider to help solve the problem. This time it took them a bit longer. However, once the problem solved, and I was almost happy, I changed all my passwords. Within minutes, as I was typing the intro to this entry, I was suddenly logged out, and turned out, my username and password had been changed without my permission. It seemed like it was the same username and password the hacker used before.

How the heck did they do it? After emailing the provider to help, and reading some articles to harden wordpress online (which turned out to be useless), I changed my username and password through php database thing via cpanel. Again, within minutes the hacker changed them again. Seriously?

Ok, now I’m furious. I mean, nobody can mess with a pregnant lady. NOBODY. 








Look I was so mad I burned my eyebrows off. ha ha ha


Then, I complained to Eddie, panicking, thinking they would also hack my other accounts. He made some changes to my wordpress files, so now we wait. Lets see if that worked.

To those hackers, just buzz off okay, this blog is NOT your playground. Go find someone your own size.

p.s, I initially wanted to blog about something else, guess in a few days time then.

p.p.s, I’m working on a new theme, it’s a slow progress but getting there.




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