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Jul 25 2010

What happened last Saturday?

Something happened on that day. Something BIG. Not too big. But big enough. Especially for me. I’m the first child and the only involvement I’ve ever had in a wedding was putting a few grand of money into an album and putting sweets into small paper bags. So, I have absolutely no idea about wedding tradition.

And, out of nowhere, in the middle of sewing, and jumping around the house, I went through the first malay wedding tradition phase, merisik. Eddie came with his parents, and eventhough it was not the first time I’ve met his parents, for some reason, I was nervous during the whole time they were talking. I had sweaty palms, and I was trying not to shake my legs. I think I did a good job at hiding it but inside, my heart was pounding hard especially when his mother pulled out a ring. The ring we both picked just the day before, and it still made me nervous.

Honestly, I didn’t really expect a merisik tradition since, traditionally the purpose was to ask whether the girl has anyone else or not, and to accept the ring means to accept the guy. However, these days, I think accepting the ring is like making a promise that the girl agrees, and that she’s not going to accept anyone else’s proposal. But he said his family kinda practice the traditions so..
Anyway, we didn’t really do it the traditional way. No poetry, but just casual words. I think if there was a poem, my dad would be even more nervous than I was. haha. The ring wasn’t even compulsory, but he said he wanted to give me one. Oh, he also brought chocolates, quite a lot, more than enough for my family.

Anyway, during the feast, my nervousness subdued (maybe I was nervous partly because I was so darn hungry). Since my dad was talking to his dad, and my mum talking to his mum, it was only the two of us left. I was a lil’ shy to talk to him too much so we just talked a bit and mostly spent the time eating the food. It’d be awkward to just sit, and do nothing. Plus, I love roti jala and lamb kuzi, it’s one of my favourite Kelantanese dish. In the end, to my surprise (and my parents) I had half of my plate filled with the bones, concrete evidence of the amount of food I consumed. I looked over at Eddie’s plate and saw that he had eaten as much. Heck, we even shamelessly moved the roti jala next to us for easy access. Haha. I’ve just lost over 3 kilos as result of my super lazy “diet” so I thought I deserved a lil’ treat for myself, though I agree, it didn’t necessarily have to be during merisik.

Hopefully his parents didn’t mind that I’m a big eater. At least, I’ve proven that I’m not anorexic. Plus, it’s not like I’m fat (by the standard definition) so I really hope that they don’t mind. Haha. Before they left, we gave them some Serunding and lil’ serunding popiah my grandma just brought from Kelantan. All in all, it went well.

I was a little numb after that, unable to believe what has just happened, and how. Then, I continued another round of roti jala and lamb kuzi. Haha. Later, I started to feel happy and freaked out. I still am. I mean, I’m not even 20 (yet!) and I’m already going through this? Good luck.

So, there you go, what happened on Saturday. Now that the weekend is over, so is my food indulgence pass. Oh well.

Oh yea, my birthday is just around the corner, and I’m wondering what should I buy as a gift for myself. I wanted to get a watch but Eddie wants to give me one so I’ll just have to find another gift for myself. Plus, I forgot my brithday is coming up so I forgot to save up for a watch. I kept thinking to save up to buy a watch on November, for some reason. Weird. Anyway, maybe I’ll get a new set of makeup or a pair of nice shoes.

p.s, for some reason wordpress published this entry prematurely eventhough I clicked save as draft. weird.

p.p.s, It’s so weird having this ring on my finger. But I love the ring! hehe


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