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Oct 25 2011

WIR Campaign : Let’s cover our booties!

I saw this campaign on Sue Anna Joe’s blog recently, and I thought it’s brilliant! It sickens me to see hijabis wearing tight jeans with their bumbums showing, swinging side to side as they walk. It may look sexy, but it contradicts a muslimah’s identity albeit, I’m no exception and guilty as charged.

Surely, it’s hard (atleast for me) but I’m trying and this is a good reminder for me and all of us muslim girls. So, together, let’s spread this to our sisters! 😉



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  • Likes this. ^_^

    Personally, I found myself slowly realising what is important and what isn’t, in this whole… field/issue. Biarlah baju besar sikit, panjang sikit, it actually does look nice and I feel so much more secure in my long shirts. 🙂 I think for many sisters, myself included, our surroundings (people and environment) play a big part though. Mungkin sekarang I dah keje, and it’s a whole new place with new people, they never knew what we were like before, so why not change for the better? Maybe we can even be an example for others, bi iznillah. 😀


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