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Nov 18 2009


My exam has ended. It was one-day exam. Technical English and Building Construction only. That’s the thing about Architecture, or most design courses -you don’t have to sit for much exams, just more on the technical or theory stuffs. I should be really happy, yes. Gone are the days of FML moments until next semester. yeay.

But for some reason I’m not really… happy? I don’t know why, I wasn’t even relieved. Okay, maybe a little bit.

That evening, I went home, cooked dinner for my family and right after dinner, I went to sleep, woke up for 3 hours and got back to sleep. After a grand total of 14 hours of sleep (as payback to those sleepless nights), I woke up only to feel dizzy whole day and took 6 tablets of paracetamols. haish. I think I’m a workaholic. I get depressed when I don’t have any work.


I really have no idea how I did this semester. NOT AT ALL. I can’t even tell which subject I’m gonna get an A. I don’t know. I usually can tell, but not this time. Not even IBS.



  • The joy of having the “yay my exams are finished” weight off your shoulders. 😛

  • Anonimus

    i just saw a photo just like u. is it u in this photo? link

  • dak design standard la penat2 wat model pe jadah sumer, then exam 2-3 paper. pastu sepanjang cuti tak leh tido. dok dpan pc facebooking.haha. the boring-ness will haunted u for the coming days.

    -as for anonimus, f*** to Gadiscomel.com. its disgusting. taking others picture, put in their site. to all girls beware.

  • yeah…f**k to GC a.k.a gadiscomel.com tuu…wow..14 jam tido…haha

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